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Realization – genuine self-awareness, consciousness and enlightenment – the ultimate in self-discovery


Awareness & Enlightenment

Awareness & Enlightenment

Snap out of all limiting ideas born of the habitual identification with your Body and your Mind by The Life Quality Boosting Auto Magic of The MindBlower™…
… and realize that you are, always have been and always will be the Awesome Free and Super Creative Witness to the Grand Cosmic Show appearing on the Wide-Screen of your Consciousness.

Thoughts, ideas, bodies, planets, stars and galaxies come and go - you're Boundless Awareness and free of it all !

That’s Enlightenment for "ya" !

- Flemming W. Flemming -


Why not have a real inspirational first hand personal experience of your body and you as you really really are as well as a daily inspiration to live a happy, creative and powerful life? What on earth could be better than that because in to the bargain it is to the wonderful benefit of not just yourself but everyone around you? So, go right ahead realize your very fullest potential, have an almost unbelievable adventure and amazingly a heck of a lot of fun too. To realize is to know, so get to know but completely and utterly without effort.

Self-discovery the incredibly easy sure way! Do not be fooled or even dismayed, for that matter, by established conventions and misunderstanding on the subject of self-realization. If you really want, it is possible to pass right over all any such convention because it is all about knowing who you are and not about studying tomes of ancient script, following a list of intricate procedures or pursuing some kind of ascetic technique or other. Realization of something is normally by definition a momentary happening and why shouldn't realization of the self be exactly the same? Well, the extremely good news is that it is. No procedure or process. Simple acknowledgement that you have a mind and a body and that the real you is conscious of those two physical entities and therefore you MUST be that which is not just the mind and body. Make no mistake, do not be fooled: THIS is SELF-REALIZATION. You can use whatever name you care to choose for it, of course. You could easily call it self-awareness, god, enlightenment, creation, heaven, nirvana or even consciousness but the religious taint of some of these words might be another distraction. So let us keep to the more genuinely descriptive term and know that genuine knowledge is attainable in the moment we call NOW and it is openly and freely available for everyone. Now that truly is MIND-BLOWING !


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Consciousness Enlightenment

Discover Yourself The Most Enlightened Form Of Self-Help

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Added Commentary:

Tradition or over-stretching the intellect is definitely not our finest recommendation because very often this takes the honest seeker away from core reality, but in an attempt to placate at least those of you who prefer the more conventional approach here we offer further commentary on what we suggest should simply be enjoyable, simple and also inspirational.

Genuine understanding of the real self is actually indescribable, but if it were to be described perhaps words like exquisite, ineffable, unbelievable or blissful might be in the right kind of area because the essence of it all is definitely beyond dualistic explanation. It is, by definition, other than dualistic. To genuinely grasp the essence it is something other than in logic, and therefore not bedded in the intellect. It is particularly for this reason that it is so exquisite. Simply take on the notion of who is conscious of your consciousness. Who could that be? Could not the answer be as simple as YOU? Therefore if that is you then YOU must be more than consciousness. So the whole ball of wax, the veritable jackpot is yours.

It is possibly something that you thought was not possible: to know who you really are quite instantly but know that it is not only possible but it is the only way that makes sense over all the other tortuous, convoluted and actually distracting ways of taking you to ultimate reality and therefore the truth.

For those of you who are more confident in other languages you might like to see the little Riddle presented in some of those languages.

 realisation Réalisation de Soi selverkendelse Selverkendelse selverkendelse Selbstverwirklichung



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Self-Realization – genuine self-awareness, consciousness and enlightenment – the ultimate in self-discovery

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